Annotated Bibliography Help

Annotated Bibliography Help

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Annotated Bibliography Help Online
Are you a college student who has a task to perform paper writing assignments or struggles with creating a bibliography? In this article, we will help you figure out all the answers and solutions!
Let’s start from the basic question – what is an annotated bibliography?
It is a well-organized list of references to different materials that you used as sources in an academic paper writing – books, journal articles, website links, digital documents, etc. Most importantly, following each citation should be an annotation – the author elaborating on the relevance, quality, and accuracy of the cited source.

It helps the reader to easily trace back to the original sources cited. When you receive a college-level paper assignment, there’s always going to be a required citation style. It depends on the discipline of study and your university or professor’s preference, and the following are just some of the citation styles that exist:
MLA (Modern Language Association) style APA (American Psychological Association) format AMA (American Medical Association) style CSE (Council of Science Editors) style The Chicago style
One of the most popular in college writing is the MLA style (although the APA and Chicago formats are also widely used) – the MLA approach to citation requires the use of a set of rules and guidelines since it concerns referencing each of the various sources.

The Process of Creation
Here are the steps involved in creating an entry for the annotated bibliography.
Find and note down the cited parts from relevant sources such as books, journal articles, and such, taking notice of the wanted number of citations for your paper. Create each citation using the required style or format. If you’re experiencing difficulties with figuring out the specifics, consult your tutor or turn to a custom writing company for help. For each citation, provide two paragraphs.

In the first one, write a brief description of the specific cited work, and in the second one, give a short explanation as to why the cited work is relevant.
To help you get a better understanding of the idea, see the following annotated bibliography example. It is a rough sample.

Atkins, John S., et al. “Managing Parental Discord among Divorced Couples for the Sake of Children’s Mental Welfare.” American Psychological Review, vol. 62, no. 13, 1979, pp. 950-954.
The article’s authors, John Atkins and seven of his colleagues at the Institute of Psychological Research, conducted a multi-year study spanning 10 years in a bid to prove their conjecture that when divorced parents deliberately make efforts to avoid conflict for the sake of their children, the children show better mental and developmental outcomes as they grow.

The results of their empirical studies clearly support the argument that children can still thrive and grow up in a healthy and loving family environment if their parents take conscious efforts to create such an environment.
The above is an example of an annotated bibliography in MLA. How We Can Help You
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